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Television and Radio Presenter, Voice Over Artist and Sports Commentator

TV, Radio, Entertainment, Sport

My major calling in life

The Qualifications

- Introduction to Radio Course (Melbourne Radio School) 2013

- Voice Over for TV & Radio Course (Melbourne Radio School) 2013

- Sports Broadcasting Course (Melbourne Radio School) 2013

- Presenting With Impact Course (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) 2014

- Advanced A Television Presenter Course (TV Pro Global) 2017

- Proactive Presenter Workshop (TV Pro Global) 2017

The Experience

- Producer and Host of "Saturdays In Sunraysia" for SENTrack 89.1FM Sunraysia (part of the SEN Sports Entertainment Network) 2022-current

- Production Assistant, On-Air Preview Show Host and Ball-By-Ball Commentator for Tennis Australia's AO Radio broadcast (Australian Open) 2015-2020

- Boundary Rider and Statistician for 96.5 Inner FM (Victorian Amateur Football Association) 2009

- Play-By-Play Commentator, Special Comments and studio show host for 106.7 Hot FM and 1611 Old Gold AM Mildura (Sunraysia Football Netball League and Millewa Football League) 2011-2015

- Play-By-Play Commentator and Preview/Review Show Presenter for 88.9 WYN FM and online (Western Region Football League) 2014-2015

- Play-By-Play Commentator, Special Comments, Boundary Rider and Round-The-Grounds Reporter for 98.1 Radio Eastern FM and SEN+ (Eastern Football League) since 2016

- Interviewer, Co-Host and Play-By-Play Commentator (Ricky Nixon's Inaugural Kicking For Cancer charity football match) 7 July 2019

The Reason I Do It

While I may have been a very shy kid, it didn't mean I was too shy to emulate my favourite sports commentators (especially AFL) within the confines of the family home. Many a day would be spent outside kicking the footy by myself, memorising the scores of the game I was replaying and providing my own commentary to it. But alas, my shyness kept it to a far-fetched dream.

When my confidence in front of people grew in my late teens, I felt that I should pursue this dream and make it a reality. 10 years on from my first gig as part of the Victorian Amateur Football Association A & B Grade Grand Finals in 2009 with Melbourne-based community station 96.5 Inner FM, I have since had the honour and privilege of meeting, being mentored by, and working with, some of the best TV, radio and voice over personalities in the industry.

But as a wonderful mentor once told me, "When you get asked what it is like to be at the top, respond with 'I'll tell you when I get there'." So my journey is still ongoing, and anything I can do to help promote your brand will help form a special part of my journey.

Check out some of my work on the right!

Why Choose Me?

Not every TV, radio or voice over personality has to be an established celebrity or someone who has played their chosen sport at the highest level. As long as the passion, dedication and emotion are brought into the presentation, the audience will feel it and be drawn to it.

I take the utmost pride in everything I do, and give you professionalism mixed with variety. I entertain you, I inform you, and most importantly I give you reasons to stay tuned.

Take a look at some of my work below and see how I stack up against the tried and true! If you feel I've got what you're after, reach out to me and let me know how my talents can help your brand!

You can find further work of mine (including voice over audio) via the following link:

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