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Master of Ceremonies

MC - Memories Cherished

Give me the microphone, and I'll do the rest

The Qualifications

Unlike other professions, there are no formal qualifications needed to be an Master of Ceremonies. For some, it comes naturally (like myself), and for others, there are institutions who do provide short courses and teach very handy skills on how to make yourself stand out from the crowd as an MC.

In my case, my qualifications and experience outlined on my TV, Radio and Voice Over Artist page have helped with my MC skills and abilities, and have allowed me to continue building confidence and knowledge on how to be even better each time I have the honour and privilege of hosting a special event - whether it be a wedding, birthday party, corporate function, sports presentation, school valedictory dinner, or as a keynote speaker.

The Experience

- Entertainment Assistant at Crown Casino Melbourne 2013-2015

- DJ/MC for Melbourne Entertainment Company 2017-2018

- School Captain for both Euston Public School and Robinvale Secondary College 2000 and 2006

- Hosted multiple weddings and birthday parties since 2013

- Hosted dinner dances for Melbourne 50s/60s/70s tribute band Memory Lane 2013-2014

- Guest speaker for the Robinvale College Year 12 Valedictory Dinner 2011

- Hosted the Giovanna's Gift charity evening at the Euston Club and Resort 2014

- Part of The Beagles tribute band who of the Mildura Pink Ball charity event 2013-2014

- MC for Sunraysia Cricket Association's Innes Medal Night 2022-current

The Reason I Do It

The more I became comfortable being around people, the more natural I felt as a communicator and all-round speaker. And finding out how rewarding being an Master of Ceremonies can be also swayed me to working on my own craft to become someone worthy of the title.

Ase a guest at an event, often I will pay great attention to detail to the MC for that event, and embrace whatever I learned from what they did (or in some cases didn't do) to ensure I deliver on any and all promises I make to my clients when I assume the position and hold that microphone.

Why Choose Me?

I don't come with the hefty price tag that celebrities command. Plus, I bring all of my dedication, passion and emotional investment into the role, no matter the occasion! And best of all, I ensure that my clients (e.g. bride and groom, birthday boy/girl) are the stars, not me - I'm just honoured and privileged to support them!

Get in touch with me and find out how I can help you make your event that extra bit special with a quote to suit.

Louie Bulzomi, Master of Ceremonies, Australia Wide

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